Tips for foundation and makeup Categories: makeup News, entertainment, culinary, fashion, psychology, internet Makeup, makeup techniques, skin hydration Using amazing concoction of cucumber and pear Fresh fruits probe considered in the context that there are many properties for water to soften the skin and superficial skin cells. In addition to this you can also use rose water quality. Just dump the water on the face. 20 minutes three times a week to do it. Beauty tips below will help you show your face Porter: If you are thin and dark shadowed areas and Gvdtr show. So ladies and gentlemen who have facial wasting, should be as open and clear as possible to show their faces to look Porter. Foundations and face makeup you see in the picture below right, the cheeks, the chin along the crescent forehead, sides of nose, especially if you have a wide nose, dark shadow appeared Makeup, makeup techniques, skin hydration 1-Colour Cream should be two degrees of lighter skin color. 2. models eyebrows need to be wide, long, smooth and slightly bowed top corner. 3. Line your eyes are not too high, but the two sides have to be willing to be. 4. Mascara alone is not enough. Artificial eyelashes should be used as a very effective beauty of your face shape. 5-color eyeshadow and shadow should be very clear. 7. hairstyle for thin faces should be open and busy and never shut up hair. Brushing the hair out of the face is beautiful. Hair on the top of the head above the ears, face and neck to the big show. 8. The best men's faces completely revised and refrain from putting beard and mustache. If you insist on having a long beard, the moon must line up on the cheeks as much as possible. For makeup, the hair should follow the fashions of today. Keep long hair, short hair and wings on high, if you lean on. Source: Zybashv dot com