Lip trick the Categories: makeup News, entertainment, culinary, fashion, psychology, internet Lip makeup, lip gloss, lipstick Lip makeup is one of the most popular products, and learn the trick of it all is hard work! Remember that lip gloss lipstick with a difference! So it is important to learn to use it! Let's look at 8 Ways to Use Lip. 1. Lipstick and lip gloss Did you know that you can put lipstick with lip gloss color? This not only makes it a more magnificent brilliance and gloss of your lipstick to your lips gives special. So first select your favorite lipstick and lip gloss to make it look brighter. 2. Use moisturizer Dry lips and lip gloss lips lipstick is not to good. So first of all, the soft, moist and tender to make sure your lips. Applying a thin layer of moisturizer on your lips before applying lip gloss, lips is the best way to get a fantastic view. This is one of the basic tricks Hitting the Lip. 3. Start from the middle of the lips. This is encased in a smooth, glossy and smooth the lips you gave. 4. Only a thin layer of Lip stir Ladies, please note that for radiant shine and a thin layer of lip gloss off your lips is enough. 5. Lbtan your lipstick gloss This is similar to what was mentioned above. However, you can still use electricity lips colorless and transparent. If you want to use only a small amount of Lip gloss lips make use of transparent and colorless. This way your lips will become more prominent promise! 6. Do not overdo Lip Do you remember when we draw a thin layer of lip gloss? 7. Lip Volumizer Some women are dissatisfied with their lips are small and tend not to Botox. The ladies of electricity bulk solution is marginal. Just remember: a point in the middle of the lips and then along the side of the point. This is the secret to having shiny lips Porter and more. 8. Ndrkhshydn or shine! Do they need to polish your lips? Or are you just looking for a moisturizer for your lips? Lip touching on many points there, you just have to follow your tips and more convenient. Okay ladies, what other tips do you recommend for handling Lip? Is there something we skipped Source: Rayshyk Related to makeup and beauty Treatment in autumn and winter dry lips