Failure to maintain performance or to shape eyebrows Categories: makeup News, entertainment, culinary, fashion, psychology, internet Loss of eyebrows, shaping eyebrows, sparse eyebrows A lot of women, having sparse eyebrows, asymmetric and chaotic complain. Plucked eyebrows Root Maybe you're the victim of an eyebrow model, a model in a certain time period on stock and is no longer favored. Abrvhayy with a short tail or thin eyebrows! If you long for the thin Abrvhaytan Threading or use wax, eyebrow is likely that you will never return to its previous state. Hair is removed from the root, they do not grow. In order to shape or cut down with scissors blade Abrvhaytan temporary help. The eyebrows have a life together Sprouting hair in the brow, like all other body hair, have a certain life span. So if in a short time period, Abrvhaytan missed part of the drawing pen, or fill it with oil pencils do not insist. Rest to find him once again. To cover these vacancies, it is better to get the eyebrow shadow. The hair is poisoned Sometimes your eyebrows, because overuse of cosmetics inappropriate damaged. Some cosmetics may contain heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic and .... Hormones affect on eyebrow With age, the body's hormone balance changes. Reduce the level of certain hormones like estrogen in the body, may cause thinning hair or hair loss. Source: Rayshyk Related to makeup and beauty How thick Abrvhayy have?