7 Makeup Tricks important that the Khbryd Categories: makeup News, entertainment, culinary, fashion, psychology, internet Beauty tricks, techniques, makeup, beautiful makeup We are always looking Mzhhhayy long, coarse and shaggy, and now we want to introduce a trick that can help you in this regard. It took years for me as a makeup artist skills and techniques in the field and learn. The makeup tricks will help you not only save time but will also cause the look of your makeup. 1 - prevent clots Mascara I am a fan of Ink's monthly swap ideas. But sometimes we have to use mascara thrombus is a blood clot. If you are caught in such a situation by adding a few drops of eye clot open. This trick makes your old mascara like the first day of work and you do not need to worry when you buy a new mascara. 2 - Use the edge of a business card for Eyelids I cosmetic trick I learned at makeup school and I still use this trick. I have a business card edges to create more specific and clearer lines to use on my eyelashes. The trick when looking for such dramatic makeup cat eye makeup, you will come to your aid. 3 - draw a line under the eyelid This will thicken your eyelashes will come into view. The difference between these two makeup Jzyyst but this trick makes a big difference in the overall appearance of you. 4 - eye shadow can clearly be seen Has a strong buy, but after using this shade of eye shadow to appear? The true colors of eye shadow will be highlighted. I personally have used this powder MAC Paint Pot in Painterly paint it. 5 - brushing without using Fer Oval foam liquid for makeup effortlessly and smoothly over the skin. It is fast and clean it with a sponge also greatly simplified. The device lasts for months and does not need to be replaced in a short time. 6 - The oven is warm eyelashes Before using the oven for three to four seconds of your metal eyelash put under a heat dryer. Heating device that makes your eyelashes are the same as when you use the hair iron. 7 - powder on the eyelashes If your eyelashes before applying mascara to rub some baby powder, bushiness your eyelashes will look longer. Little baby powder to put mascara on the eyelashes makes a big difference in terms of gross to you. Source: Phoenix